Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Style Nine Instinctual Subtypes

                                                       Self-Preservation (Appetite)
The heavy Nine. Merges with things. Serves sloth through appetite, neglecting real needs in favor of substitutes (most commonly food, travel, TV, or collecting). Yearning for affection. Doing without is often somaticized. Very concrete, more aggressive than other Nine subtypes, but doesn't know it. "Steam-roller." Can be invasive, talkative (epic tale). Doesn't realize personal agenda is being shelved when gripped by an appetite (e.g., shopping fever).
At best concrete, conversational, generous, strong opinions about what's possible
At worst too talkative, invasive, stubborn, addicted to creature comforts  
One-to-One/Sexual (Union)
The most tender of the Nine subtypes. Merges with other. Steam-rolled. Becomes conscious of self through the other, finds being through merging with one person. Confluence, fusion, symbiosis (living too much through the other). Confusion about contact (real contact would be awareness of differences). Union with another provides focus and energy, but the Nine is swept along without conscious awareness.
At best bonds with others, supportive of their ideas, gets buy-in through consensus
At worst self-denying, lives too much through another (parent, spouse, boss, friend, client)
Social (Participation)
Merges with group (family, team, organization, nation, humankind). A kind of peasant mentality. Derives sense of being not from contact with own being but through feeling the value of the group. Energy that could be spent meeting personal agenda shunted to social activities. Gravitates toward groups that allow participation at low level of energy, and maintains ambivalence about the group.
At best gregarious, active, inspires responsiveness to multiple demands
At worst provincial, undeveloped, narrow view, finds it hard to initiate except through group focus
 *    *    *
Peter O'Hanrahan: the subtypes "show how the ruling emotion of our type is expressed through our instinctual behavior." The above descriptions also draw from Helen Palmer's The Enneagram in Love & Work and workshops with Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

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