Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Destiny-Shaping Experience: Working with Mary has been a destiny-shaping experience. We brainstormed behavior-altering ideas that have significantly improved my leadership execution. Evans Munyuki, Dubai

I Felt Seen and Heard: Mary helped me define my business and supported me deeply. Her intellect, wit, experience, and breadth of knowledge made our talks a meeting of peers. She was a genius at helping me see things differently and discovering resources within myself. I became adept at self-coaching, which is a profound gift. Wm. P., U.S. 

Refocused My Career: I am very grateful to Mary for listening, reflecting my thoughts with eerie accuracy, and keeping me focused on doing rather than analyzing. John D., U.S.

An Ally Across the Atlantic: Mary has a wealth of experience and has been an immeasurable support to me. She created a safe, non-judgmental space in which I could explore some difficult and challenging personal issues. Both on the calls and between the sessions I felt her presence as an ally across the Atlantic. C.A., UK
My Secret Weapon: Mary is my once-in-a-lifetime coach, adviser, reality-checker and sanity-preserver; the savviest coach I have ever met. As an executive coach with exacting standards and expectations, I would only work with someone who can wow me and take me further than I'd dare venture alone. I have seen my own coaching practice soar in the years I have been mentored by Mary. She is my secret weapon. Gilly Weistein, NYC

Helps Me Dive in When Stuck: Mary has a way of delving straight to the core and heart of an issue. Recognizing how to break through established habits turns out to be the secret to personal transformation. Even after I learned how to 'change one thing,' when I'm stuck Mary continues to help me dive into what that one thing might be, an art that seems always to benefit from an outside observer. Paul M. U.S. 

Achieving Life's Desires:
I learned about Mary through her book Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram. She's a coach for those who know that achieving life's desires, through self-exploration and action, requires someone there for you over weeks and months. I highly recommend Mary. G.C., Canada 
The Nudge That Allowed Me to Jump: Mary shares her wisdom generously, without a hint of coaching jargon. Working with her feels like a warm waltz that keeps twirling you back to yourself, no matter how much you may be tempted to settle for being a wall flower. I am deeply grateful for the nudge that allowed me to jump. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, UK

Discovering More of My Authentic Self: Mary is a wise and warm coach. She was very helpful in creating new perspectives by reframing what I brought to the calls. I discovered more of my authentic self, thanks to our rich sessions. Mary is also a great resource person. She has a wide palette to offer. Judy van Zon, Bangalore, Munich, Warsaw (Dutch nationality)

The Only Method That Has Made Sense: Mary brought her life experience and passion for the Enneagram to our coaching sessions over three years. In 20 years of experimenting with various modalities of wisdom to make my life journey more purposeful, this is the only method that has truly made sense to me. J.M., Australia 

A Great Friend: Mary has added so much value to my life and work that I count her as a great friend as well as coach. Pam Boney, CEO Tilt365, U.S.

Uniquely Qualified to Work with Senior Coaches: In her wisdom, maturity, warmth, professionalism and depth of understanding, Mary is uniquely qualified to work with senior coaches. Her gifts are exceptional and our partnership has made me a better coach, consultant and human being. Julie Mitchell, MA, Catalyst, Communicator, Consultant and Founder of CoachWalks, U.S.

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