Sunday, January 3, 2016

Style Five Instinctual Subtypes

Self-Preservation (Castle)
The most avoidant Fives. Shy, socially awkward, create private space because of inability to confront, don't want to show non-social side; economy equals independence. Feelings of scarcity underlie pride in doing with very little. Abstinence frees from personal entanglements required by getting more.
At best shy, thoughtful, intellectual, observer/theorizers who offer strategic models
At worst avoidant, socially awkward, rebellious, cruel, misanthropic, disdainful of ordinary mortals
One-to-One/Sexual (Confidence)
They look for the ultimate in a "confidante" with whom they share an understanding. A little more assertive and with more feeling than other Fives. A lust for intense, brief, meaningful encounters. More likely to compartmentalize by keeping emotional connections separate from each other (the element of secrecy adds a charge -- the private advisor, the personal moment, the secret love affair).
At best passionate thinkers who refine ideas through debate and ensure healthy dialogue
At worst arguing any side of the sake of debate, excessive trust in confidantes
Social (Totem)
Totems are symbols that encode messages about tribal knowledge. In this subtype a passionate search for information that symbolizes power -- ideas and people that influence the culture, explain human behavior, shape the history of ideas. Searching for the absolute. Intellectual mastery is very appealing.
At best professional, seeking alliances with like-minded people/organizations
At worst over-idealizes ideas, systems, people; personally cold
 *    *    *
Peter O'Hanrahan: the subtypes "show how the ruling emotion of our type is expressed through our instinctual behavior." The above descriptions also draw from Helen Palmer's The Enneagram in Love & Work and workshops with Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

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