Thursday, January 7, 2016

Style One Instinctual Subtypes

Self-Preservation (Worry)

Worried about survival, afraid to take a risk, obsessed about details. Others have to earn this subtype's love and support. They engage in either/or thinking, show anger covertly ("I was so concerned, afraid you'd had a wreck"). According to Peter O'Hanrahan, the key word for this subtype is "anxiety," stemming quite literally from survival worries (self-preservation). Rules and structure are paramount, but attention can focus too much on "What's out of place?" "Off-time" is set aside in favor of working toward survival (can be overdone).

At best gets details, plans contingencies to avoid failure.
At worst a passion for doing it right checks and double-checks, covertly angry.

One-to-One/Sexual (Zeal)

In Spanish, zeal means the animal in heat. The most free of style One subtypes. More Eight-like. A passion for being righteous (vs. being right). Aggressive and possessive in personal relationshps, also may be jealous of others who succeed, which feels safer than I want or I need. Peter O'Hanrahan calls this subtype "the evangelist" because of their often passionate idealism. According to Helen Palmer, this is a possessive subtype. In work settings, this will show up as jealousy toward others who are promoted, who are more popular at work, or who are taken more seriously. 

At best ensures quality processes and continuous improvement.
At worst is zealous, with a passion for being righteous, invasive anger, aggressiveness.

Social (Non-adaptability)

Anger acted out through correct causes and social ideals. Self-righteousness, narrow endorsement of own values. Entrenched in the tenets of the "right" ideological platform, with uncompromising opinions. Peter O'Hanrahan emphasizes the importance of rules and responsibilities for this subtype, which may see breaking or even bending the rules as a failure of moral character. They're somewhat more concerned about status than other style One subtypes.

At best makes "right" choices, applies rules/standards to target success.
At worst a passion for being right, punitive.

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