Friday, January 1, 2016

Style Seven Instinctual Subtypes

Self-Preservation (Family)
Family doesn't need to be blood family; comforted by having own positive beliefs reflected back by people who share same values and sense of pleasure. Epicurean, sensuous, focused on tastes, colors, tactile stimulation. A little cynical like the Eight, not so gullible as other Seven subtypes. Pain is not felt directly; transforms lemons to lemonade. Good at business.
At best earthy, entrepreneurial, democratic/family-oriented, team-builder
At worst opportunistic, selfish, cynical, too pleasure-seeking, addictive (you name it)
One-to-One/Sexual (Suggestibility)
Prestidigitator, more the dreamer, the charmed charmer. The most narcissistic of the Seven subtypes. More enthusiastic (like being in love, a rush of initial attraction), manic. Not so much into pleasures of this world, more extraterrestrial. Commitment is difficult, feels limiting because of gluttony for one-to-one contacts. Riveted by brief encounters and magnetized by peoples' stories.
At best enthusiastic, aesthetic, in business ensures state-of-the-art focus on products/services
At worst narcissistic, manic, too easily enthused, not down-to-earth enough, cheers people on in too many directions
Social (Service or Sacrifice)
More ambitious, Six-like, willing to accept a lack of personal freedom in service of recognition, also very helpful/giving of love in search of recognition: sweetness in exchange for service. Creating an imaginary perfectionism, an idealized social order, forming long-range interests in the cause, the community, the church. Good people. Important to equalize authority: they hate the limitations of rules and equality ensures their personal freedom.
At best ambitious, responsible, in business keeps employees upbeat, focused on solutions
At worst a "do-gooder" perfectionist, sensationalist, "hyperactive"
 *    *    *
Peter O'Hanrahan:  the subtypes "show how the ruling emotion of our type is expressed through our instinctual behavior." The above descriptions also draw from Helen Palmer's The Enneagram in Love & Work and workshops with Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

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