Saturday, January 2, 2016

Style Six Instinctual Subtypes

Self-Preservation (Warmth)
Devoted to friendship. Soft, friendly, like an animal showing its underbelly (See how nice I am?). To show they're harmless they have to bottle up a lot of anger, seek someone who can protect them. An ongoing quest for reassurance. Fear disappears in the company of friends, and a change in affection is very threatening. Without a reality check, they fall prey to their fears, not realizing they're scaring themselves.
At best warm, charming, assures group camaraderie, champions subordinates at work, family at home 
At worst seeks protection from authority figures, overly focused on being "nice" (often a happy face)
One-to-One/Sexual (Strength and Beauty)
Often counterphobic. A drive to make action unfold, as if fear were not there. A push forward as if saying, You're not going to hold me back! Very powerful men and women, but a show of power that covers inner doubt. Intimidating like a bulldog but shy and sensitive underneath, and not very fulfilled in relationships. When afraid of people, caring can make them feel helpless.
At best strong and commanding, willing to speak the truth and confront with integrity
At worst driven to deny fear/insecurity, can look Eight-ish ("get them before they get you")
Social (Duty)
This subtype is about being protected, being in a warm environment, needing rules and becoming too dependent on rules. They contain fear through mutual obligation and commitment. Self-doubt is lessened by the power of collective authority, based on a system. Capable of enormous self-sacrifice; protectors of the underdog. Sometimes they pretend to be much more dutiful than they are.
At best dedicated to the cause or mission, will do whatever is required
At worst too secure with rules, authority based on system, the Devil's henchmen
 *    *    *
Peter O'Hanrahan:  the subtypes "show how the ruling emotion of our type is expressed through our instinctual behavior." The above descriptions also draw from Helen Palmer's The Enneagram in Love & Work and workshops with Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

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