Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Style Three Instinctual Subtypes

      Self-Preservation (Security)
In their obsession for security, self-preservation Threes make themselves too sure of themselves, over-confident, image of having it all together. They reject the experience of insecurity. More selfish, demanding, abrasive, less pleasing than other Three subtypes. Value as a person is associated with material worth. Terrified of being incapacitated and unable to work.
At best self-confident, business-like, organizes people to meet goals
At worst too sure of self, demanding, abrasive, image of "having it all together"
One-to-One/Sexual (Masculinity/Femininity)
Seeks to be attractive to the other, focuses on sex appeal, attractive image. Seeking identity through a role, emphasis on form and surface; how does a leader take charge of a meeting, what does the best lover say, what books will people be talking about? Wants to be the top producer, ideal mate, etc.
At best personable, persuasive, convinces people to meet goals
At worst over-identifies with own image, driven to be charming to important others
Social (Prestige)
Desire for own values to be acknowledged, but pursuing values not their own; seeking social credentials. Possibly unaware of saying what the group wants to hear, of projecting the persona others look for. Because money is tied to reputation, it is spent in order to be known as a rich, successful person; important to look the part.
At best focused on success, models the way to meet goals
At worst too concerned with prestige, money, possessions, and/or recognition
 *    *    *
Peter O'Hanrahan: the subtypes "show how the ruling emotion of our type is expressed through our instinctual behavior." The above descriptions also draw from Helen Palmer's The Enneagram in Love & Work and workshops with Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

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