Monday, July 9, 2018

Hours, Fees, Prepayment

I schedule appointments Monday - Thursday, U.S. Eastern, starting at 11 am and ending by 4 pm.

If we haven't yet talked, please confirm an introductory session with me by email before making payment. (Click here to send email.)

I'm in the U.S. Eastern time zone, so please calculate our time difference, request appointments in my time, and pay the day before our scheduled call.
  1. Introductory 1-hour call = $35
  2. Individual 1-hour call = $75
  3. Six 1-hour calls = $405 (10% discount)
  4. One 90-minute call = $112.50
  5. Four 45-minute calls = $240
Use this drop-down menu for one of the above standard payments:

Standard Payment Options

With ongoing clients we sometimes agree to a different amount. Use this drop-down menu for 3 one-hour calls, 1 half-hour call, or 6 half-hour calls:

Other Agreed-upon Amounts

Mary Bast

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