Monday, January 18, 2016

About Coach Mary Bast and Out of the Box Coaching

Enneagram Coaching/Mentoring: Are you feeling stuck? With me, you'll quickly resolve short-term issues and experience transpersonal change as well as creative resolutions to life and work issues. Are you a coach looking for an Enneagram mentor? We can focus on your personal life, professional development, and/or coaching with the Enneagram (my Enneagram story).

Out of the Box Coaching: During the decade of executive coaching described below, it became clear that career success only scratched the surface of personal and spiritual development possibilities. Following a year of research and writing I launched Out of the Box Coaching in 1999 with my current approach to individual change. For more about my process, read "The Yin and Yang of Presence." 

Former Executive Coaching: Upon completing a PhD in 1982, I was promoted to Director of Executive Development for Federated Department Stores, managing a benchmark program to coach high-potential executives. In 1988 I started Bast Consulting, Inc., helping hundreds of executives attain desired positions, put failing careers back on track, clarify vision/strategy, and build more effective teams.

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