Friday, January 8, 2016

Enneagram Style Nine Patterns

Description: Serene and centered, well-developed people with this personality style bring cooperation to any relationship or group. They're highly capable of dealing with others' problems and building consensus, have a natural tendency to honor diversity, and can get along with almost anyone. 

When less self-aware, they tend to merge with others' preferences and forget their own. Taking a strong position is particularly difficult, because they see all sides of an issue and because they're essentially non-aggressive. 

Their driving force is indolence -- not laziness in the usual sense (they're very hard workers) but out of touch with their own wishes, self-forgetting. Though quiet, when they get started they may tell epic tales (holding so many alternative views it's hard to focus). 

Typical Comments "I'm pretty easy-going. My career just kind of fell together, and in a very nice way." "I have CRS disease -- Can't Remember Shit!" "I try to pick the right moment to speak up in a meeting." "I didn't cause much trouble for my parents." 

First-Order Change Learning to speak up/confront others, recognizing passive-aggressive behavior/becoming more assertive, setting priorities/sticking to them, initiating change. 

Second-Order (Transpersonal) Change Focused, initiating, inclusive. Active engagement, the willingness to stay focused on their own purpose -- without distraction. Consequently Nines learn to embrace the conflict that is a necessary part of human interaction. 

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