Saturday, January 16, 2016

Enneagram Style One Patterns

Description: Self-observing people with these patterns can be wise, tolerant, balanced, and focused on standards of excellence in ways that provide an exemplary vision for others. In business organizations, they're often the purveyors of quality. 

When less well-developed, they show their perfectionism, with an internal judging voice that chastises them (or others) for falling short of perfection (preaching). In a very healthy individual, that voice invokes higher attainment (teaching). 

Their driving force is anger, typically over-controlled until it erupts as resentment when someone has failed to live up to their expectations. They're prone to moral tirades, yet they also show a "running amok" side that allows them to escape their own high standards. 

Typical Comments "I know I'm right, why should I have to compromise?" "I'm my own worst critic." "My whole career, I've been brought in to fix things." "My message as a kid was always, 'You can do better.'"  

First-Order Change De-potentiating their critical voice, allowing themselves to be wrong (see video below), techniques for channeling anger more effectively, learning to respond to criticism non-defensively, and moving away from black-and-white thinking with positive reframing and creative problem-solving. 

Second-Order (Transpersonal) Change Developing nuance and options. Patience, the willingness to accept conditions that don't conform to one's ideal. 

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