Friday, January 15, 2016

Enneagram Style Two Patterns

Description The most interpersonally oriented of all the personality styles, these can be unconditionally caring people who derive deep satisfaction from seeing and encouraging the development of others. In organizations, they're typically great supporters of customer service. When well-developed, they'll also be aware of their own needs, which provides balance in their lives and allows them to give freely, without expectation of return. Their driving force is pride, which is attached to their self-image as helper. People with this personality style tend to be in the middle of things, giving help and advice whether others want it or not. When less developed they have a sense of entitlement and can use manipulation to influence people. If they feel betrayed they may even become vindictive ("After all I've done for you!"). 

Typical Comments "I think it's important to always focus on what we need to be doing to serve others." "Was that helpful?" "Of all the people in the organization the President could have called, he called me." "Both of my parents were alcoholics, and I took care of them from a very early age." 

First-Order Change Acknowledging their own needs, seeing how they contribute to their own workload and saying no, setting clearer boundaries, and asserting their interpersonal power more directly. 

Second-Order (Transpersonal) Change Loving, giving without strings. Humility, which is true compassion without expectation.

(Click here for style Two instinctual subtypes)

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