Thursday, January 14, 2016

Enneagram Style Three Patterns

Description: People with this personality style are often expansive go-getters. In organizations, they ensure high productivity. Formidable models for others, they're typically efficient and supremely goal-oriented; consequently, they tend to rise to the top in organizations, or to run their own companies. 

When under-developed they personify image-making, tending to self-promote and showcase themselves at the expense of others. When they look outward for their reflection in the eyes of others, their inner life can be lacking. 

This driving force is vanity, which shows up as self-deception (e.g., convincing oneself a failure to involve or credit others was not important because of the results achieved).

Typical Comments "I like seeing success breed upon success." "I've always been successful." "I have a shelf full of empty trophies." "I got pats on the back for doing well in school, and my parents made it clear what would be approved of." 

First-Order Change Learning to collaborate instead of compete, clarifying their own values/developing internal criteria (vs. external validation), learning from failure, and accessing feelings. 

Second-Order (Transpersonal) Change Inner-directed, communal. Authenticity, speaking from the essential self and not through personality needs. 

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