Sunday, January 10, 2016

Enneagram Style Seven Patterns

Description: Charming and easy to talk to, highly evolved people with this personality style are the cheerleaders of any group because of their natural optimism. They focus on long-term perspective and possibilities. Equality is important to them, so  in business they sometimes work around organizational constraints. 

When less self-aware they can seem egotistical because they love to tell anecdotes and may forget to invite others to talk. They're sometimes perceived as lacking analytical ability because of oversimplifying or skating over the surface. 

Their driving force is gluttony, a seeking of pleasure to avoid pain; consequently they can be over-focused on enthusiasm and uneasy activity (the bad news is that they only want to hear the good news). 

Typical Comments "I always see the bright side of things." "I've found that if you understand a few basic principles, you can run just about anything." "I'm always the one to figure out what we'll do for fun." 

First-Order Change Contingency planning for problems, eliciting and accepting feedback, using negative reframing to counter their optimism, and disciplining themselves to follow through on their own development (they may perceive it as hard work).

Second-Order (Transpersonal) Change Realistically enthusiastic, visionary. 

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