Monday, January 11, 2016

Enneagram Style Six Patterns

Description: At their best, people with this personality style are highly family-oriented in their personal lives and team-oriented leaders in business who bring out the best in everyone. They're energetic and attend to interdependent needs, which shows up in their language as thoughts about the group. 

When less self-aware, their driving force of fear is manifested as accusation of others (particularly those in authority), looking for hidden agendas, and self-doubt. They may procrastinate and/or blurt out their feelings with a kind of reckless courage (driven by their anxieties), and then worry they've shot themselves in the foot ̶ and they may have. 

 The good news is that they challenge others in ways that hold them accountable; the bad news is that they're always looking for the bad news! 

Typical Comments "I've been loyal to this group for 25 years." " I don't think we have very competent senior management." "I wish we could work better as a team." "All my life, I've questioned my own ability." 

First-Order Change Getting a reality check on their fears, empowering themselves vs. blaming others, focusing more on possibilities vs. worries, and centering their verbal presentations on a central theme and several key points. 

Second-Order (Transpersonal) Change Trusting self and others, taking action. Courage, recognizing their own contribution to situations instead of playing victim. In more common terms, Sixes develop the courage of their own convictions. 

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