Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Enneagram Style Five Patterns

Description: Because of their ability to take in the whole picture and integrate its components in creative ways, people with this personality style can be consummate strategists and visionaries. Often very bright, they're extremely capable of influencing others through their knowledge. 

Sometimes they sound as if they're giving a dissertation. Although they can be profound and passionate in debate, they tend to disdain the role of emotions in human interaction. They're the most independent of the nine styles and prefer to be surrounded by other highly capable people who need no direction or external reinforcement. 

Their driving force is hoarding, which shows up particularly as a detachment from emotions, a "stinginess" of feelings. 

Typical Comments "I have a really deep knowledge of this industry." "I hate having group meetings because they're generally a waste of time." "I have a good mind and I'm pretty perceptive." "I was a loner as a kid--I read a lot." 

First-Order Change Debating less and probing/listening more with the goal of mutually satisfying solutions, taking their role as coach more seriously, including giving attention to group process (meetings, teamwork), and affirming others' positive efforts. 

Second-Order (Transpersonal) Change Integrated action and thinking. Generosity, giving freely of oneself so energy flows outward. Some teachers refer to nonattachment, the ability to care without feeling confined, to seek knowledge without needing to hold onto it. 

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